SHE WINS Summer leadership academy

For the third summer, SHE Wins Summer Leadership Academy will launch in July 2017. We offer a six-week summer leadership program for girls ages 10-15 years old. Curriculum centers on social justice, self-empowerment, mentorship, cultural immersion, and community service. Applications will open in February 2017.



after-school program & leadership institute

SHE Wins will launch its third middle and high school after-school program in November 2016. This fall and spring program will be for girls ages 10-16 years old and center on academic enrichment, social and emotional learning, and college readiness. This year-round program will empower girls with the civic, career, and college readiness skills needed to succeed in their secondary and post-secondary education at one of the most critical points in their high school career.



SHE Wins Healing circle

SHE Wins' first installment of the Healing Circle program will be specifically designed for girls in Newark ages 12-18 who lost a parent, sibling, or other loved one to violence. Using group therapeutic and coping strategies programming, the SHE Wins Healing Circle will create a safe space to nurture and empower trauma-affected girls. The Healing Circle Program will launch in February 2017. Enrollment for the program will begin in December 2016.