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A Note from Our Founder

At SHE Wins, our motto is "she needed a hero, so she became her own". Our logo features our name alongside a pink Queen chess piece, the most powerful piece on a chess board. I have strived to give my girls what so many others have given me--the space to become their own heroes. 

Despite losing my father to violence at a young age, I had a mother whose fierce belief and investment in my gifts and talents helped me achieve my goals. The people who supported me at home, school, and in the community have been essential to my success. My goal has been to create a similar system of supports for girls in my hometown of Newark, New Jersey, with particular attention to girls whose lives, like mine, have been affected by violence. I founded the non-profit SHE Wins Inc. to create a pipeline of college and career-ready young women leaders who help find solutions to the issues that most affect their lives and communities. 

At SHE Wins Inc., we believe that young people most affected by issues in their community can be the best advocates for their solutions. Our girls have done everything from reading to classrooms at various elementary schools to promote early childhood literacy to advocating for legislation like the Let Girls Learn Act on Capitol Hill. The end goal is to create a community of young women leaders from Newark equipped with the social, emotional, and leadership skills to achieve their goals and serve as agents of change.